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Exterior Signage

Below we have pictures and descriptions to help you understand the different types of exterior signs that a uses business can use to communicate clearly.

Three Ways your Outdoor Signage should Work For You:
Grab customers' attention
Inform them of your services
Inspire them to take action.

Monument Signs
Monument signs can be made of many different materials from Plywood with 4x4 wooden poles to Steal framed electric signs mounted on steal poles or brick wall base. We also have created large Sandblasted signs mounted on brick walls.

Directory Signs
Directional signage is just that, signs used to give direction. Weather giving traffic directions like “Do Not Enter”, “STOP”, “One way” or “Loading Dock” you want to have clear and understandable directions. You can also have signs that direct customers to business location within a building as pictured on the left.

Wall Signs
Wall signage is mounted directly to a wall and can be electric or non-electric. There are two types of electric signs commonly used and they are “Channel Letters” and back light “Can Signs”. We also make plywood signs which can be mounted directly to a wall. Image to left is wall mounted plywood sign.

Dimensional Letters
Our formed plastic letters and logos are tough, weather-resistant, earth-friendly. Choose from 128 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo art design. 31 standard pigmented plastic colors, or painted to match your custom color. Deep dimension at a relatively affordable price.

Window Lettering
With window lettering, you can tell prospective customers on the street exactly who you are and what you do. Your business will project the look and feel of professionalism and belonging. Word-of-mouth advertising about your company will grow within your neighborhood and spread once people see that you’re open for business. Often this type of signage is the quickest and most inexpensive signs to implement.

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